About Us

We’re an independent venture built by entrepreneurs, for entrepreneurs – because we believe true innovation in the drinks industry begins with founders.

We created Distill Ventures to be the perfect support for entrepreneurs who want to create the global drinks brands of the future. Between us, we have decades of experience working with businesses of all types & sizes and we have a deep understanding of, and passion for, drinks. We know the challenges facing startup and growing independent spirits businesses and we’re committed to using this experience to support you. Since 2013, we’ve been working with Diageo to help realise this vision.

Our relationship with Diageo

Distill Ventures provides Diageo with a way to invest in exciting spirits, allowing those brands to grow independently, and providing Diageo with the option to purchase the business outright at a later date. Our business is independent, but Diageo is our sole investor – so as well as providing money, it offers assistance to portfolio companies in our accelerator in the form of technical, legal and marketing expertise. We know what it takes to launch and build a drinks business. Diageo knows what it takes too. Entrepreneurs started many of their most successful brands – including Johnnie Walker, Guinness and Bulleit Bourbon. Together we share a love of working with passionate founders. And together, we can help those founders turn great small drinks brands into big, successful businesses. Ivan Menezes, Chief Executive of Diageo, says: “Diageo is built on the shoulders of entrepreneurs like Arthur Guinness, Pierre Smirnoff, the Walkers, James Buchanan, Charles Tanqueray and many more. Innovation is core to our business and through Distill Ventures, we are able to complement our work and support today’s best entrepreneurs to create the great global brands of the future.”