Drink Trends Spotlight

Using our knowledge of the industry, we'll be periodically producing 'Drink Trend Spotlight' papers discussing what we see as emerging trends within the world of drinks. Our latest paper is focused around Digitally Native Drinks Brands and the role they'll play in the future of the drinks industry

The emergence of the ‘Non Alcoholic ’ category

Distill Ventures sees a huge opportunity in the exciting but nascent sector of Non Alcoholic Drinks and we want to help entrepreneurs and creators launch and grow non alcoholic brands of the future.

Traditionally, if someone wasn’t drinking alcohol people would say they were ‘not drinking’. This used to mean they could only choose from a range of sugary, fizzy, or fruity drinks or juices, but this is changing dramatically. The demand for complex, more challenging options is growing fast which is one of the reasons we believe that non alcoholic drinks is one of the most exciting trends and biggest opportunities currently emerging in the drinks industry.

The below trend spotlight paper examines the macro trends driving this category growth and then sets out to define exactly what makes a ‘non alc’ drink different from mixers and soft drinks by examining three distinct characteristics.

White Paper: Better drinks when you’re not drinking