Cocktails Spirits

6th June 2017 14:00 -
La Maison Rouge, 10 boulevard de la bastille, Paris, 
75012, France

How to be brilliant at telling your founder story

After years of industrialised and anonymous food and drink, people are re-connecting with companies where they know the people behind the product. Having a good story is a powerful advantage that founder-led companies have over “big brands”. It is a great way to engage people around their brand, their purpose, and where they’re headed. Yet good story telling isn’t simple or straightforward, it’s something you need to learn about and practice . We want to help entrepreneurs hone their stories by capturing the key elements of what makes a good narrative and by providing useful provocations and inspiration.

This session will be supported with specially-created collateral, our newly created “Founder Story” book which is a simple and easy-to-use booklet that listeners can take with them and is designed to spark creative thoughts and encourage them to write, create and think.