Perfect Serve Bar Show

22nd May 2017 12:00 - 13:00
WesterLiefde, Klönneplein 4-6, Amsterdam, 1014 DD, The Netherlands'

Drinks marketing has changed forever and the good news for craft drinks makers, is that this change has levelled the playing field, giving the little guy’s a huge advantage over big drinks brands.

Modern consumers are not only interested in the brand – they want to know who makes it, where do they make it and most importantly, why are they making it. As a result, telling this story well is the lowest cost/highest impact you can have in modern drinks marketing.

This session, titled “Leveraging your unfair advantage” is to help entrepreneurs hone their stories by capturing the key elements of what makes a good narrative and by providing useful provocations and inspiration.

Join us at Perfect Serve Bar Show on May 22rd at 12pm to take part in this talk and learn