Tales of the Cocktail

19th July, 2017
Riverview Room, Hotel Monteleone

19th July 2017 11:00 -
Riverview Room, Hotel Monteleone, 214 Royal Street, New Orleans, 70130, United States


 In Your Own Words – how to be brilliant at telling your story

 Gonzalo de la Pezuela & Dan Gasper

11am- 12midday


This session aims to help entrepreneurs hone their stories by capturing the key elements of what makes a good narrative and by providing useful provocations and inspiration. Attendees will also receive our limited edition “Founder Story” book – a simple and easy-to-use manual designed to spark creative thoughts and encourage entrepreneurs to write, create and think.



Drink to your health

Presented by Frank Lampen, Co-founder of Distill Ventures

1pm to 2pm


As non-alcoholic drinks become a solid part of the cocktail scene, could ‘non-alc drinks’ be the next big opportunity for entrepreneurs?

‘Non alcohol’ no longer means sugary ‘mocktails’ or “i’ll just have a water thanks” – New non-alc brands using techniques such as fermentation, distillation, maturation and maceration are being worked on around the world and products from drinking vinegars and shrubs to non alcoholic spirits and kaffir waters are appearing where beer, wine and cocktails once stood.

Come and hear from some of the brightest minds in the space, where the industry is at today and future gaze about this dynamic and creative new corner of the drinks industry.



Craft Spirits Clinic

Presented by Gonzalo de la Pezuela & Dan Gasper, Co-Founder of Distill Ventures

3pm to 6pm

Are you a drinks entrepreneur at the beginning of your journey? Starting a craft drinks business is a huge challenge and as there’s no instruction manual, it’s often difficult to find answers to the many issues founders face from the start. With more than 80 years of experience in the craft and start up drinks scene between them, the Distill Ventures team are the most experienced in the business and at Tales of the Cocktail this year they will offer free confidential 30min acceleration’ advice session, to a select group of independent entrepreneurs.

Who can apply?

Any North American based business that has been selling product for less than 3 years

What will happen on the day?

Successful entrepreneurs will have a 30min slot on Wednesday July 19th between 3pm and 6pm. They will meet with members of the Distill Ventures management team who will have prepared thorough responses to the 3 questions.

NB Spaces are limited and priority will be given to entrepreneurs in the first 3 years of running their business