Distill Ventures sees a huge opportunity in the emerging category of non-alcoholic Drinks – sophisticated, sippable drinks that fill the gap between alcoholic drinks and soft drinks . We want to help  people to create the non-alcoholic drinks brands of the future. Apply below for one of our £10k/$12k business development opportunities.


A £10,000/$12,000 one-time cash  bursary to help you develop or launch your non-alcoholic drinks brand

Three working sessions with one of Distill Ventures team. These sessions will help as you build a plan to develop your liquid, pack or business plan.


Here’s what we’re looking for:

-A brand which enables consumers or bartenders to create sophisticated, zero proof drinks which are targeted at the occasions where spirits and aperitifs are typically served

-Has a flavour profile which has depth, complexity and sophistication, using only natural ingredients, without needing refrigerated distribution


-Uses production techniques & ingredients traditionally seen in production of alcoholic drinks, including fermentation, maturation, distillation and use of botanicals


-Pioneers new production techniques or ingredients to create its flavour profile and mouthfeel.


If you meet the criteria above, please read the Terms and Conditions to confirm your eligibility to apply.

Submit all relevant product/idea details, images, product decks and web links using the form below.

All applications will be screened by the internal team at Distill Ventures and will be evaluated based on the above criteria

Using the form below, submit your application on or before September 7th, 2018, 6PM GMT

Recipients will be notified by Friday 21st September.