We’ve created some inspirational videos and tools to help you think about some of the important aspects of your business. Have a look.

Founder-led Brands

This simple and easy-to-use manual has been carefully designed to spark creative thoughts and encourage entrepreneurs to write, create, think and hone their stories by capturing the key elements of what makes a good narrative and by providing useful provocations and inspiration.


How to Create Strong Businesses and Brilliant Brands

The drinks industry is challenging. Whoever is investing will want to be sure that you have built a strong business and a brilliant brand. In this presentation we outline “The Five Bricks” – a framework that we believe captures the areas of a business that are important to focus on when building a sustainable drinks brand.


Winning at Home – BCB 2017

In a very competitive marketplace, winning in your home market is critical to building a strong base to grow your brand from. This film will give you insight and advice from 4 successful entrepreneurs who’ve done the hard yards growing their brands in their home cities across Europe.

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