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Redwood Brands

North American Sales execution

What is Redwood Brands

What is Redwood Brands

Redwood Brands offers the best scalable craft beverage brands a long-term U.S. sales solution with access to the top tier accounts in the American market. The company manages execution of the sales strategy, including the relationship between brands and their U.S. distribution partner, enabling founders to focus on developing effective trade and consumer marketing. Redwood's sales team works closely with founders, distributors and accounts to create sustainable, long-term growth.

Why we set up Redwood Brands 

Redwood Brands was created to help craft spirits brands access the US market opportunity effectively. The company acts as an extension of the brand's sales team, helping them to pair with the right distribution partners and build presence in major markets. Redwood's team are all deeply immersed into each of its brands, enabling them to effectively represent the passion of the founders whilst executing the sales vision

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