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Creative Content: The Fundamentals of Brand Storytelling

Watch the second 60-minute instalment of our New World Whiskey 2023 summit series - hosted by Becky Paskin.



About the session

How can you make sure your brand is seen and heard?

Part of an ongoing digital series launched in 2021 to reveal the major trends within the category, the latest chapter – The Fundamentals of Brand Storytelling: PR Best Practice – is the second of three.

OurWhisky Founder, Becky Paskin, and a panel of expert speakers explored the best way to create excellent content.

They discussed:

  • Why is it important to be present on social media?
  • What are the fundamental pillars of a social media strategy?
  • What are the most important platforms for drinks brands to show up on?
  • What is the benefit of outsourcing social media?
  • What are the benefits of running social media in-house?
  • How do brand guidelines help tell the story well?
  • How do you stay on message without jumping on trends?

5 key takeaways from the session

  1. Feeling overwhelmed - What platform, when to post, how much to post, and what to post... in an online world that changes almost every day? It's normal to feel lost on where to start unless you live and breathe social media. There's a reason it is a full-time job.
  2. Prioritising time and spend - Defining your brand goals for social media will help you work out if you need to outsource an agency or freelancer to create your content strategy or support implementing one you have nailed down.
  3. Brand guidelines keep everyone focused - Clear and detailed guidelines that go beyond your colour palette and logo should include tone of voice, brand values, and audience personas. Don't be afraid to get as granular as "do we use emojis or not?".
  4. Have fun with trends that your brand can make their own - But remember that is not your strategy. Go deeper than what's trending and stay true to your message; if the latest audio helps you tell your story well, use it.
  5. Raw and authentic is the future - Turn up in your audience's feed like a friend. Don't feel pressured to produce highly polished visuals (although, these do have their place). Instead, focus on creating something that adds value or brings the viewer into your brand world.

Meet the panel

A big thanks to our host, Becky Paskin, Founder of OurWhisky Foundation, and to our speakers:

  • Kerttu Inkeroinen, Marketing and E-commerce Director of Lucky Saint
  • Erik McRitchie, Commercial Photographer and Creative Director of From Barrel to Bottle
  • Hebe Richardson, Social Media Consultant and Founder of Drinks with Hebe
  • Raquel Royers, Marketing Manager at Distill Ventures.