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To date, we've invested more than £245m supporting the founder-led drinks brands of the future. This has taken various forms, from helping Stauning build Denmark's first purpose-built distillery to helping Seedlip crystalise their vision, purpose and everything in between. Our support is bespoke to each brand's journey.

The investments are always structured to leave you in full control of your business. If your funding application is declined, it typically marks the end of your contractual relationship with Diageo and Distill Ventures. This means you'll be free to develop your business as you wish, including the right to raise funds wherever you want to, and to sell your business without constraints.

In our 10 years supporting brands, we've partnered with more than 35 brands across various categories, geographies and sizes.

While we showcase some of our current portfolio here, we uphold founder confidentiality and do not list all brands.

We don’t offer access to a sales force and route to market (RTM) as it’s the founder’s job to drive business growth and we believe finding the most suitable RTM is your choice.

However, our team and global network of drinks experts can guide on best market expansion strategies and key contacts in various global markets, including importers, distributors and wholesalers.

We invest in companies of all shapes and sizes ranging from people who are in the pre-launch phase up to established brands looking to move into new markets, build distilleries or scale quickly. There's no defined minimum or maximum size or case volume for investment, we look for a distinctive brand story and ambitious founding team above all else.

We offer substantial funding, unrivalled drinks and business know-how and a global network, and above all, we're by your side for the journey. We focus on forging real partnerships with founders to shape their vision together, a point of difference that truly sets us apart.

Once an investment is made, the Distill Ventures acceleration team works closely with the founding team to identify areas of focus and help build a solid growth plan. As all entrepreneurs have different strengths and weaknesses, the support we give is both bespoke and broad ranging.

Our over-arching aim is to help build capabilities within each business, ensuring that the strong foundations we've helped establish propel them toward ongoing success as they grow.