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what we offer

Funding & Investment

Whether starting or scaling your business, we provide funding through Diageo that keeps you in control as you grow.

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our investment

We work with founders to understand their goals and funding requirements before they pitch to our Investment Board. Funding amounts can be less than £1m or well over £10m.

Prepare for investment

All cash is provided via a Diageo investment board. Preparation is time-consuming but vital as success begins your journey with us. Investment is for a minority stake and will include a call option for Diageo to buy the company outright at a pre-agreed future point.

The Distill Ventures
acceleration model

As well as the investment, DV and its network will support with strategy, marketing, commercial and operations throughout your time with us.

A path to exit

If things continue to go well, Diageo will provide all additional funding for the brand to reach its pre-agreed acquisition trigger.

Our exclusive relationship with Diageo


DV is independent, but Diageo is our sole
funding partner. With over 200 brands in 180 countries, Diageo knows what it takes to launch and build a drinks business. They provide 100% of the funds for our portfolio.


When Diageo invests in your business, you stay in control as it scales. You also grant Diageo the first option to buy your
business outright at a later date. 

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What stage is your company?

Stage One


You've laid the groundwork, your brand is taking shape, and you’re ready to take the first sip. With a clear vision and the ambition to grow, you're primed to uncover your brand's unique flavour.

Stage Two


With accolades under your belt and a solid supply chain in place, your first hires have arrived to help define your audience and ignite engagement. As you test the brand levers that spark community connection, your journey from seed to sprout is well underway.

Stage Three

Test & Learn

Your product line-up shines, your audience is clear, and your playbooks are tested and true. With a smooth digital presence and a self-sufficient operational rhythm, your team is growing with each milestone.

Stage Four


Your liquid is excellent, your operations optimised, and your growth drivers are firing on all cylinders. With a solid plan and a culture that fosters success, you're poised to expand your reach and conquer new markets with a scalable model.

Stage Five


You've overcome production hurdles to conquer new markets and are well on your way to reaching your target margins. With a clear understanding of your loyal consumers and a scalable route to market, your leaders are equipped to drive strategic growth to acquisition.

Stage Six


From product to team, every element is finely tuned for ongoing yet sustainable growth. With your sights set on acquisition, your journey with Distill Ventures has paved the way for a toast-worthy exit. Cheers to the next chapter!

founders say


Each deal is tailored to a company's requirements but with consistent principles. First, we work closely with founders to develop a business plan and investment requirements. As part of Diageo’s initial investment, they will become a minority shareholder of the business. At that point we will also agree a target scale and date at which Diageo will have the option to buy the company outright. If all goes well, Diageo will then continue to meet future funding requirements up to the target acquisition point with a structure that ensures Diageo remains a minority investor regardless of the funds raised so that founders stay in control as the business scales.

Once we both agree that we want to proceed, we will work together to prepare a business plan and pitch for our Investments Board as well as conduct some basic due diligence. If that goes well and the funding is approved, we will conduct further due diligence while agreeing the investment contracts. While we’re very conscious of how much of your time the process takes up, it’s worth noting that you will need to dedicate material amounts of time and headspace to the process pre-Investment Board to ensure you come along with a clear plan, investment ask and vision for your brand.

Yes, Diageo provides all investment and is the sole exit partner. Every equity deal includes an option for Diageo to acquire the business in the future.

No, we invest in companies of all sizes, from pre-launch startups to established brands looking to expand. We prioritise distinctive brand stories and ambitious founding teams over size or case volume.

If you apply for further funding and are turned down, you’ll be free to develop your business as you wish, including the right to raise money from other investors, and to sell your business to another party.

Yes, Diageo takes a board seat to add strategic value from their expertise, supporting the company's overall growth.

Once Diageo starts investing, they intend to be the sole provider of additional funding to streamline the fundraising process.

In our pre-accelerator, investment is provided using SAFEs (which you can read more about here), without equity or an option for Diageo to purchase the company. Initial investments through equity funding include a minority share for Diageo and an option to acquire the business in the future.

Our Investment Board, comprising senior leaders within Diageo and DV, approves all investments based on the founders' pitches and performance.

No, further funding is not guaranteed. It depends on the company's performance and trajectory towards acquisition.

We prioritise confidentiality and do not disclose any information to Diageo without the founder's explicit consent, supported by mutual confidentiality agreements.