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Is The Living Room The New Tasting Room?

The 60-minute digital session, moderated by whisky expert and journalist Becky Paskin, features a diverse, compelling roster of perspectives from whisky founders, brand experts and marketters.



Tess Syriac - Marketing Director, Starward Whisky
Louise Mc Guane - Founder, JJ Corry Irish Whisky
Samara B. Davis - Founder & CEO, Black Bourbon Society
Christopher "Billy" Abbott Abbott - Author & Educator, Whisky Exchange

With an introduction from Josh Wortman, Whiskey Portfolio Director for Distill Ventures

This session explores

Education – With bars and retailers closed there has been a greater need for education.

Engagement – How to bring whisky to life and tell a brand story while people are at home and distracted. How to engage consumers and convert to a sale.

Marketing – The increasing importance of social media and digital marketing to reinforce brands’ relationships with consumers

Community – More than ever we’re craving social interactions, so how are brands and retailers building meaningful communities around at-home whisky experiences? How do new producers with limited stock create a community if they’re unable to share samples? More brands appear to be collaborating with at-home tastings, something that may not have happened IRL pre-covid.

Best Practice – What are the main ways can brands and retailers ensure their at-home experiences are successful?

The Future – What are the long-term changes? Are at-home whisky experiences here to stay?