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New World Whisky - Flavour & Discovery

Let's work together to demystify whisky once and for all.


Flavour & Discovery concludes the series by revealing industry leaders' thoughts on what New World Whisky means to them and the wider category, as well as what can be done to entice, excite and educate consumers as they embark on their own journeys of discovery within this exciting new sub-category.

Presented by Distill Ventures

We're an independent accelerator led by entrepreneurs. We support founders as they work to create the global drinks brands of the future. Set up in 2013, our dedicated whisky vertical was founded soon after that and has been a focus ever since.

We look for ambitious teams with great alcoholic and non alcoholic drinks brands who want to take their business to the next level and become successful in both their home market and on a global scale.

The Future of New World Whisky

As the popularity of New World Whisky continues to grow, we expect to see more distillers taking an interest and developing their own whiskies.

Interested in finding out more? Our video series looks at all things New World Whisky, hear from the drinkers, distillers and sellers to discover how the whisky world is changing! Also, check our ‘New World Whisky summit’ where our panel of experts discuss the dynamic and exciting future of the world of whisky.