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Starting From Zero: No & Low On-Premise Insights with Derek Brown

Watch back this insights-packed webinar with Derek Brown and an extraordinary panel of No & Low experts.


Our top 3 takeaways

Figuring out who you are selling to

In the session, Derek and the panel uncovered two main groups:

  • People who never drink for a variety of reasons.
  • People identified as "substituters", these are people who like to alternate between drinking alcohol and not.

Leading with the end product

In your bar or restaurant, the end product would be the actual serve you want them to taste. Instead of offering a sample of an alternative, like NA tequila for example, present it in a non-alc margarita for a taste they can conceptualise and open up to.

The importance of familiarity

Understand your on-premise setting and translate this into your selection and presentation of non-alcoholic drinks so your guests can experience what they're used to. In a high-end bar, the expectation would be a beautifully prepared, elevated serve, whereas a walk-in dive bar might welcome a great non-alc beer and shot pairing.

Want more? There are plenty more insights packed into this webinar including building a menu that integrates, rather than separates, and thrives on inclusivity - dive in!