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The Future is Functional

Watch our first digital summit featuring a panel of Non-Alc experts as they explore how shifting consumer behaviour is driving interest as well as what challenges exist in this fast-changing segment.



About the session

In 2022, Non-Alc spirits are more mainstream than ever, and following six years of innovation, distinct zero proof categories have emerged that offer distinct drinks occasions. In this session, we take a closer look at these emerging categories, examine how the consumer approach to Non-Alc has evolved (from the notion of drinks ‘without’ alcohol to drinks ‘with’ added flavor and ingredient benefits) and hear firsthand from entrepreneurs within the functional drinks as we explore whether the future of Non-Alc innovation lies within this space.


Heidi Dillon - Managing Director, Distill Ventures

Vaughn Yates - Founder, Virgin Mary Bar

Anne Brooks - Founder, Eceaux Drinks

Tatiana Mercer - Co-Founder, Three Spirit

Pauline Idogho - Founder, Mocktail Club