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The New Age of Whisky Influencers

Watch this 60-minute online seminar featuring a panel of whisky influencers – or content creators – as they discuss topics including influencer marketing, the definition of a modern influencer, navigating platform guidelines and algorithms, paid partnerships, and much more.


About the session

Effective influencers – or content creators as they’re more commonly called – are instrumental in increasing brand awareness and engaging communities following niche topics. They’re able to connect with larger audiences in ways brands struggle to on their own through authentic, engaging content. The world of whisky is no different.

Platforms like TikTok, YouTube and Instagram are popular places for consumers to learn about whisky and discover new brands – the #whisky and #whiskey hashtags have collectively racked up 3.3bn views on TikTok alone.

The demand is there, but are whisky influencers doing an effective job of capturing the attention of a new generation of consumer, and how can brands work with the most successful creators to further their reach?

Voices and thoughts from

Becky Paskin, OurWhisky founder

Jane Ryan, content creator for Diffords Guide Australia

Jack Beguedou, content creator for Hood Sommelier

Moa Nilsson, content creator for Swedish Whisky Girl

Ilaria Leone, Head of Content and Digital Strategy at Distill Ventures

Transcript to follow.

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