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Write a stand-out drink business proposal to Distill Ventures

Embarking on a journey in the drinks industry? Looking for the perfect partner to help your brand soar? Distill Ventures could be your ideal collaborator. Tuck into our guide on how to stand out among other applicants.


What we look for in applicants

We're on the lookout for innovative spirits including mid-proof and non-alcoholic brands that are poised to redefine the industry. Currently, we aren’t looking to work with beer or wine brands, instead our primary focus is on early-stage, pre-accelerator spirits businesses that are priming for significant growth and impact.

Distill Ventures has a unique and thoughtful approach when it comes to selecting applicants. We’re seeking entrepreneurs and brands that not only possess innovative ideas but also align with our commitment to making a positive impact in the world. We prioritise supporting brands that come from, work with or support underrepresented communities, value sustainable practices and care about the overall impact of their business.

We are not only looking for promising ventures; we are dedicated to empowering those who are passionate about making a lasting impact and championing diversity and sustainable practices within the world of drinks.

If your venture falls within these categories and you're overflowing with passion and potential, DV is the perfect partner to accompany you on your journey to success in the world of drinks.

Application tips

If you want to stand out in your application with us, we look for compelling and concise answers to the questions. Here's a breakdown of our questions and some tips on how to make your application shine:

Video or Brand Deck Intro

When you're creating a 1-minute video introduction or a pitch deck for us, authenticity and genuine passion are what we're looking for. Start by introducing yourselves and your brand story. You can explain how your business aligns with our mission and if/how you are aligned with DEI or sustainability. Brief your unique selling points and what sets your brand apart. Don't be afraid to show your real personality; we value authenticity and want to connect with the people behind the brand.

Keep it concise, engaging, and heartfelt—show us why you're the perfect fit. No need for production or editing.

About You

In line with the intro video or deck, this is your space to brief your credentials in the drinks world. What’s your background, experience and aspirations?

  • Be concise: Share your professional background and relevant experience. Highlight any achievements or milestones that demonstrate your expertise in the drinks industry.
  • Passion and commitment: Showcase your passion for your brand and your dedication to its success. Make it clear why you're the right person to lead this venture.
  • Personality matters: Don't be afraid to let your personality shine through. DV values authenticity, so be yourself in your bio.

Brand Info

Tell us about your Founding Team

  • Introduce each team member, highlighting their roles and responsibilities.
  • Share relevant background and expertise that make your team well-suited for your venture.
  • Emphasise the gleaning details  and experiences that set your team apart.

Briefly describe your liquid

  • Provide a concise overview of your product, focusing on its key attributes, flavour profile, and any unique selling points.
  • Mention any special ingredients, production methods, or distillation techniques that make your liquid stand out.

What are you trying to change or solve through your brand?

  • Clearly articulate the pain point or need your brand addresses in the market.
  • Explain your brand's mission and vision for making a positive impact or disrupting the industry in a meaningful way.
  • Share any compelling stories or motivations behind the brand's inception.

Define who your audience is or who you plan to focus on in the future?

  • Define your current target audience and demographics.
  • Describe your ideal customer persona, including their preferences and behaviours.
  • Outline your growth strategy for expanding your customer base in the future.

Do you have any indicators of interest or sales?

  • Share any evidence of market interest, such as customer feedback, early sales data, or market research findings.
  • Highlight key milestones, partnerships, or achievements that demonstrate traction and demand for your brand.

Remember to keep your responses concise and focused. Use language that conveys your passion and dedication to your brand's success. Highlight what makes your team and product unique, and provide evidence of market interest or potential. Ultimately, your application should convey why your brand is an excellent fit for Distill Ventures and how partnering with DV can accelerate your growth and impact in the industry.

Why apply with Distill Ventures?

We are on a mission to make a difference in the drinks industry. Our purpose is to support founders of both early-stage drinks companies and mature brands through four core avenues. Whatever your business or development needs, Distill Ventures can be your guide and support to develop a thriving brand.  

1. Providing crucial investment for startups and rapidly scaling businesses

Distill Ventures goes beyond conventional funding, offering critical investment support tailored to whatever stage of growth you may be.

Thanks to our exclusive partnership with Diageo, a global leader in the beverages industry, we are able to offer a distinct advantage. This partnership allows us to offer more than just financial support; it provides startups and rapidly scaling businesses with access to the resources and insights of one of the world's largest spirits companies.

Whether you're at the inception stage or poised for exponential growth, our investment is not just capital; it's a gateway to an extensive network and expertise, enhancing your prospects for success in the dynamic world of drinks.

2. Offering access to our wealth of industry expertise

Our experts are readily available to share insights, offer guidance, and help brands navigate the complexities of the drinks business. Our track record is underscored by tangible success stories, including brands like:

Tanica: In collaboration with Tanica, a forward-thinking beverage company, we facilitated their transformation from a pre-accelerator stage into a flourishing brand. Our guidance helped them refine their product offerings, expand their market reach, and cultivate a dedicated customer base.

Atost: Atost, a brand specialising in innovative herbal drinks, joined forces with DV to unlock their full potential. We provided strategic insights and resources to refine their brand identity, improve product quality, and navigate the competitive beverage landscape.

Lot 42 Premium Drinks Co: Through our partnership with Lot 42 Premium Drinks Co, a spirits company dedicated to sustainable practices, we supported their mission to create exceptional drinks with a minimal environmental footprint. Our expertise assisted them in crafting a compelling sustainability narrative that resonates with eco-conscious consumers.

3. Facilitating valuable partner networking opportunities

We recognize that collaboration is a cornerstone of success, and we excel in connecting brands with valuable partners who can supercharge their growth and create lasting synergies within the industry. We analyse each brand's unique voice, needs and objectives to identify ideal partners within our extensive network. We ensure ongoing support, fostering partnerships that are more than logo swaps, rather sustained and mutually beneficial collaborations.

4. Guiding brands to access the North American market successfully

Entering the North American market is famously tough due to its size, complicated rules, and strong competition. Distill Ventures excels in this arena, possessing an in-depth understanding of the market's intricacies. Our team uses this knowledge to help brands easily navigate the complexities, offering tailored strategies for market entry, distribution, and growth. We leverage our vast network and market insights to support brands in areas such as regulatory compliance, distribution channels, branding, and marketing. With DV as your partner, you gain the expert guidance needed to conquer the challenges and seize the opportunities of the North American market.

What next?

We review applications submitted through our website every month, ensuring that every submission receives our attention and that applicants are followed up with regardless of the final decision to proceed with an opportunity for investment or not. Applicants who match what we’re looking for will be invited to our quarterly board meetings to further pitch and present their beverages and brand. If you have any outstanding questions about how we work or what we’re looking for, please visit your FAQs page.