The DV portfolio

Since 2013, we’ve invested more than £120 million in over 35 founder-led drinks brands around the world. We’ve invested in both new and established brands in recognised and emerging categories.  We leave it up to each business whether they want to talk about our partnership, and have found that some founders just want to focus on talking about their own brands and the great drinks they make each day instead.


VERVET, a female and Asian American and Pacific Islander-owned sustainable brand of sparkling farm-to-can cocktails that reflect the diverse cultures and food scenes of Los Angeles. Helmed by CEO Tuan Lee, Chief Product Officer Hope Ewing, and Chief Counsel Alex Rosenblum, VERVET aims to build a brand which embodies diversity as a foundational and creative principle.

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Atōst is a majority female and Latinx-owned wine-based farm-to-bottle aperitif helmed by CMO Cindy Pressman and CEO Kyle Pressman. Based in Golden, Colorado, their winery is home to the entire production process – from fermentation of their base white wine, to in-house extractions utilising locally sourced fruits, herbs, and botanicals.

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Kromanti Distillery & Blending House

Kromanti, a rum distillery and blending house founded in 2020 by Cashain David and his daughter Danielle, descendants of the Kromantis who migrated throughout the Caribbean and were raised in the UK. Driven by a sense of conscious curiosity and a desire to reframe the conversation in rum through real stories, they researched the cultural meanings of botanical ingredients to create their Tamarind Infused Spiced Rum.

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Lot 42 Premium Drinks Co.

Lot 42 is a premium ready to drink range from co-founders, life partners and drinks veterans Chris MacDonald and Dale Milliken. With a focus on elevating the RTD category through award-winning flavours and a desire to pay homage to Chris’ families’ refugee roots on Prince Edward Island, Canada, Lot 42 is based on a true story of freedom, optimism, and adventure. As proud members of the LGBTQ+ community, Chris and Dale aspire to create positive, open-minded spaces for individuals to get together, supporting each other in being their best selves, free of judgement.

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Vascano Tequila

Vascano Tequila, a Black, women, and LGBTQIA+ owned brand born in 2020 during the COVID-19 pandemic and the racial turmoil that followed that summer. Created by four founders, Vernon Leftwich, Adanna Mbanugo, Samantha Johnson, and Christian Harper, their collective goal was to create a multifunctional spirit representing their intersectional identities.

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