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Marketing Beyond Dry January with Derek Brown

Watch back the live panel discussion with Derek Brown on year-round marketing strategies for No & Low Alcoholic Drinks


This seminar featured a panel of No & Low experts

  • LP O'Brien, Beverages Consultant and Netflix’s Drink Masters S1 Winner
  • Marcos Salazar, CEO of Adult Non-Alcoholic Beverage Association
  • Sarah Pretorius, Co-Founder of Sip Steady
  • Anika Sawni, Founder of Grüvi
  • Heidi Dillon, CEO of Distill Ventures

Here are some key takeaways from the session:

Develop clear brand messaging and positioning focused on the unique consumer benefits. (Anika Sahni)

Work on getting accurate category data and integrating it into marketing and business strategies. (Marcos Salazar)

Continue building digital communities and exploring non-traditional marketing opportunities. (Heidi Dillon)

Educate bartenders and hospitality staff on properly utilizing non-alcoholic products in cocktails and drinks. (LP O'Brien)