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Navigating Non-Alc Distribution with Derek Brown

Watch back the live panel discussion with Derek Brown on the distribution of Non-Alcoholic Drinks


This seminar featured a panel of No & Low experts

  • Stephanie Burke (Regional Sales Manager, Free Spirits & Owner/Operator of Lenny's Hideaway)
  • Darryl Collins (Owner of Hopscotch Non-Alcoholic Bottle Shop)
  • Tom Halaska (National Sales Director, Ritual Zero Proof)
  • Jules Briant (Trade Marketing Director, Distill Ventures)

The three-tier system, while sometimes less than efficient, is something that beverage buyers have come to understand. Unlike their alcoholic counterparts, procuring non-alcoholic beverages offers a variety of options, each with its own nuances.

The question arises: Should Non-Alcoholic brands opt for traditional distributors, online wholesalers, or direct sourcing?

As this discussion highlights, each avenue has its pros and cons.