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Networking Nook: "State of No- & Low-Alcohol" Workshop & Meet-up with Derek Brown & Camille Vidal

Discover the latest trends in the No- & Low-Alcohol movement with a brief presentation, followed by mingling and insightful discussions.


July 23, 2024


Join us for an exciting and informative meetup with industry leaders Derek Brown and Camille Vidal over Tales of the Cocktail weekend in New Orleans, Indianna.

  • Learn from top-tier "No & Low" professionals
  • Sample delicious highballs from Ritual Zero Proof and an opening cocktail from Giffard
  • Share stories and network with like-minded individuals

Whether you're a veteran or new to the "No & Low" scene, this interactive event promises knowledge, skills, and vibrant community building. Don't miss this opportunity to connect and grow in the evolving world of hospitality!